1Since 1999, we have organized bird watching and filming tours in Mongolia. Members have experienced to guide for bird watching trips and tours in Mongolia. Members have planned the following bird watching tours in Mongolia in coming years.








This will be a very general bird watching and filming tours Eastern Mongolian forest, forest steppe, plain, steppe lakes and rivers, big river valleys namely Onon, Balj, Khurkh, and Ulz rivers and Chingis khaan birth place. The trip can offer you not only bird watching also introduction and visiting to unique lifestyle of small ethno group "Buryat". There are many Gomboo's friends. Bird watching and horse riding adventures along Onon and Balj rivers which are the biggest and freshwater mountain rivers, will include in the trip.

We will show you many rare and locally distributed birds (listed in the list) such as breeding White-naped Crane, Demoiselle Crane, summering Hooded Crane, rarely Siberian and Japanese Cranes, Great Bustard, Swan Goose, Black Stork, Eastern Red-footed or Amur falcon, Saker Falcon, Upland Buzzard, Lesser Kestrel, Steppe and Golden Eagles ...


Wildlife and bird filming and photographing productions and filming groups are most welcome to cooperate with us for filming bird life and wildlife. We will give you several opportunities to film and photograph bird life in Mongolia.

We will guide you important sites to film the rare and endangered bird species, including several thousands of gathered Demoiselle Cranes and few hundred White-naped Cranes, other waterfowls in wetlands of the Eastern Mongolia in August-September. Breeding steppe raptors as Cinerous Vulture, Saker Falcons, Golden and Steppe Eagles, Upland Buzzard and huge colonies of small falcons such as Amur falcon and Hobby in July-August over Mongolia.

Golden Eagle Festival of Western Mongolia. Kazak ethno group, lives in Western high mountain range of Mongolia, uses Golden Eagle as traditional falconry bird. In October of each year, they celebrate theirs hunting bird festival, which shows training of Golden Eagle, hunting to Red Fox, Tolai Hare and Wolves, traditional handling and breeding of Golden Eagles, hunting technique and strategy. This is one of unique ceremonies in Mongolia. All these trips and additional your interests and suggestions for birdlife filming and photographing tours in Mongolia will be fully accepted by organizers. Planned duration of the trip will be seven days to a month, depending on your interest and proposes of your filming and photographing...


In Mongolia there are 4 natural zones (Taiga, Forest, Steppe and Gobi desert) and natural belts (forest steppe, mountain steppe, desert steppe). Bird species composition is very different in natural zones and belts. The trip heads from North Mongolia (Terelj, Bogd Khaan Mountain) to Southern Mongolia and reach to Gobi desert. Duration will be more than 14-21 days.

During the trip we will enjoy the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and traditional drink "Airag" fermented by mare milk, 100% natural and healthy product. We can see these birds during the field trip: Woodpeckers, Yellow-breasted, Pine and Meadow Buntings, Siberian Red start, Tits, Jays, Hoopoe, Thrushes, Pipits in taiga and forest, Saker falcon, Cinerous Vulture, Golden Eagle, Upland Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, David's Snow Finch, Mongolian Lark, Wheatears in the steppe, Bearded Vulture, Desert Accentor, Desert Wheatear, Ground Jay, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Chukar, Kozlow's Accentor, Egyptian Vulture, Wallkeeper etc...

Professional bird photographers, filmmakers, bird watchers, bird liker, and ornithologists, who are interested in making Mongolian bird film and photos, travelling with birds under blue sky and horse riding + bird watching tours, please contact us.